Faith. Hope. Trust. With a dash of science Section

Faith. Hope. Trust. With a dash of science.


Committed to the faith of feeling better, we at Aastha understand that the way care is given is just as meaningful as the care itself. We go just a bit beyond the science. Our faith empowers and inspires us to deliver compassionate wholesome care that, along with medicine, uplifts and honors each individual in equal measure.
To deliver the best outcomes, our team of doctors headed by Dr. Atul Mittal, M.S. (E.N.T.), continuously strives to deliver a high standard of care of the ears, nose and throat. The clinic features state-of-the art technology to comprehensively evaluate and treat our patients. Our staff and doctors believe in excellence due to diversity and we respect our community of patients, their families and colleagues. We diagnose and treat conditions that include sinus conditions, allergies, sleep disorders, hearing and voice.

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