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Aastha is the connotation of consideration, regard or care.

27 years ago this became the undertone of two people, in their quest for building, providing and sustaining medical care to their community. It was to be a support, a regard for every life – whole and healthy. These two motivated people – Dr. Atul Mittal (ENT) and Dr. Bindiya Bansal (Dental Surgeon) – embarked on their journey, in the 90’s, to realize their dreams of serving the community. Their steadfast jalopy, purred along with them as they hunted for a convenient yet accessible place to start their clinic. The place that all three found was perfect. Family, friends and well-wishers, alike, helped them to set up their dream – Aastha

Humble beginnings, progressed fruitfully through Dr. Bindiya’s smiles and Dr. Atul’s expertise, in equal measure. Zooming between residencies, clinic and household responsibilities, Aastha developed a family of its own. Happy patients and a dedicated staff made Aastha a partner of comfort and reliability. 

Way back in the 90’s, ENT was an undervalued field. One had to secure a space not only within the social construct but also in the professional structure. Getting traction early on in the field of ENT was a challenge as awareness was less and lot of the cases were managed by GP’s or physicians. Amidst such testing times, both Dr. Bindiya and Dr. Atul, stood by each other and supported each other’s respective choices as they furthered their practices as one.

Today, due to their dedication and perseverance, Aastha, has become a name to reckon with. A compassionate staff and state-of-the-art facilities make team Aastha a cornerstone of support and trust.

For the uninitiated – Dr. Atul Mittal is an avid singer and loves plants and Dr. Bindiya Bansal has a dancing soul.


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Our Clients Say

“I am really thankful to Dr. Atul. My 3 year old daughter had some weird smell on her skin. I took her to a dermatologist, where the dermatologist applied antibacterial soaps and creams, only to realize that the smell is coming from her nose discharge. I rushed to Dr. Atul Mittal, who extracted a foam piece from her nose with which she was playing almost 20 days back. We are very grateful to Dr. Atul for diagnosed the problem and did the extraction in just 5 minutes.”

(Visited for foreign body in eyes, ears, nose and throat)

Vandana Kapur

Jul 13, 2018

“My daughter had nose lesion surgery on 8th Apr.’22 and the next day she was playing, singing, jumping. She was so relieved from her nose pain. A big thank you to Dr. Atul Mittal and his team.”
(Visited for surgery)

Smita Kakoti

“Shortly, after my arrival in India on 4th May 2019, my appointment was fixed with Dr. Atul Mittal, the senior ENT specialist at the hospital. The doctor listened to me very patiently, noted all my medical history in detail and conducted the physical examination. After this, he ordered certain investigations to confirm the diagnosis. After the reports came back, he explained that there are certain abnormalities in the sinus and I would need sinus surgery. The surgery was conducted as scheduled and went on successfully. Since then I have been recovering well.”
Live in – Nigeria
(Review as seen on Vaidam.com)

Osifo Chioma

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At Aastha Clinic and at Fortis (FMRI, Gurgaon), we have an outstanding team of clinicians who provide the safest and high quality of care.

Sinus & Skull Base Surgeries
Sleep Apnea Treatments
Hearing Aid & Cochlear Implants