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Committed to the faith of feeling better, we at Aastha understand that the way care is given is just as meaningful as the care itself. We go just a bit beyond the science. Our faith empowers and inspires us to deliver compassionate wholesome care that, along with medicine, uplifts and honors each individual in equal measure.
To deliver the best outcomes, our team of doctors headed by Dr. Atul Mittal, M.S. (E.N.T.), continuously strives to deliver a high standard of care of the ears, nose and throat. The clinic features state-of-the art technology to comprehensively evaluate and treat our patients. Our staff and doctors believe in excellence due to diversity and we respect our community of patients, their families and colleagues. We diagnose and treat conditions that include sinus conditions, allergies, sleep disorders, hearing and voice.
For cutting-edge, exceptional care and treatment, please call 9811006744 or 9555255292, or make an appointment below. We might just be able to schedule you for an appointment the same day, for we are founded on faith.


Our Clients Say

“I am really thankful to Dr. Atul. My 3 year old daughter had some weird smell on her skin. I took her to a dermatologist, where the dermatologist applied antibacterial soaps and creams, only to realize that the smell is coming from her nose discharge. I rushed to Dr. Atul Mittal, who extracted a foam piece from her nose with which she was playing almost 20 days back. We are very grateful to Dr. Atul for diagnosed the problem and did the extraction in just 5 minutes.”

(Visited for foreign body in eyes, ears, nose and throat)

Vandana Kapur

Jul 13, 2018

“My daughter had nose lesion surgery on 8th Apr.’22 and the next day she was playing, singing, jumping. She was so relieved from her nose pain. A big thank you to Dr. Atul Mittal and his team.”
(Visited for surgery)

Smita Kakoti

“Shortly, after my arrival in India on 4th May 2019, my appointment was fixed with Dr. Atul Mittal, the senior ENT specialist at the hospital. The doctor listened to me very patiently, noted all my medical history in detail and conducted the physical examination. After this, he ordered certain investigations to confirm the diagnosis. After the reports came back, he explained that there are certain abnormalities in the sinus and I would need sinus surgery. The surgery was conducted as scheduled and went on successfully. Since then I have been recovering well.”
Live in – Nigeria
(Review as seen on

Osifo Chioma

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At the Accalia Dermatological Clinic, we have assembled an outstanding team of doctors who are innovators in the cosmetic and dermatology fields.

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